5 Responses to Cleaners like Windex and Tub and Tile cleaners, do they ever expire?

  • vivian.graupier says:

    Try it and see if it cleans. If it looks yucky just toss it and make yourself a solution of vinegar and water for glass cleaner. Baking soda for tub. I use I cup ammonia per gallon of water and do the whole house. Saves you a whole lot of money honey.

  • The Divine Bubba Blue says:

    Cleaning compounds containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide may weaken over time if they’ve been exposed to air. They don’t expire as much as they just don’t do the job as well. You can still use them.

    Windex contains either ammonia or vinegar depending on the type you have, and these ingredients don’t get weaker. Tub and tile cleaners are sometimes aerosols, and those won’t weaken either because air isn’t getting into the can.

  • Amy C says:

    Some cleaners can. For example if you make your own bleach and water cleaner, you need to make a new solutions everyday to get full disinfecting power. A lot of the store bought cleaners have compounds that delay this process.

  • pamela d says:

    they never expire. l use them all the time

  • Bin There says:

    I have some that I have had around for a couple of years, they still work just fine. I’ve had Windex for about three years still works like new.

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